Marion Jones Kennon Endowed Fund

The Legacy of Marion Jones Kennon

At Breck, we are committed to develop each student’s unique talents and potential to excel by nurturing independence and self-worth, which includes an acknowledgement of students’ racial, cultural and economic heritage. This emphasis is a deep seated one of our most defining qualities as an independent school. Because of this focus, Breck has consistently attracted educators who define their careers by knowing students well, by challenging them academically, and by providing appropriate support to suit their unique needs. One extraordinary example is Marion Jones Kennon, a pillar of the Breck community for nearly 50 years. In honor of Marion, and the values that define Breck,, we are launching the Marion Jones Kennon Endowed Fund (MJKE). The MJKE will support the financial aid needs of Black-identified students at Breck, including, but not limited to, scholarship funds.
The fund will accomplish three important goals:
  1. To honor Marion Jones Kennon, whose legacy is foundational to the Breck we know today. Her work ensured access to a world-class education at Breck for countless students. 
  2. To create a permanently endowed source of funds that aligns with Marion's values of excellence, resourcefulness, and responsiveness to student needs. This fund will make Breck more accessible to families, specifically families of color who are receiving aid.
  3. To open up important conversations across generations about the stories of students of color at Breck. 

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