Marion Jones Kennon Endowed Fund

The Legacy of Marion Jones Kennon

At Breck, we are committed to develop each student’s unique talents and potential to excel by nurturing independence and self-worth, which includes an acknowledgement of students’ racial, cultural and economic heritage. This emphasis is a deep seated one of our most defining qualities as an independent school. Because of this focus, Breck has consistently attracted educators who define their careers by knowing students well, by challenging them academically, and by providing appropriate support to suit their unique needs. One extraordinary example is Marion Jones Kennon, a pillar of the Breck community for nearly 50 years. In honor of Marion, and the values that define Breck, we have launched the Marion Jones Kennon Endowed Fund (MJKE). The MJKE supports the financial aid needs of Black-identified students at Breck, including, but not limited to, scholarship funds.

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Join us in celebrating Mrs. Marion Jones Kennon

March 15, 2024 - Breck is thrilled to announce that this scholarship fund exceeds over $300,000 in donor and alumni contributions and will live in Breck's endowed funds in perpetuity. To celebrate this incredible milestone in our school's history – and the continued legacy Mrs. Kennon leaves throughout the Breck community – I am excited to announce a special recognition for Mrs. Kennon and this fund on April 15, 2024. Please join us through in person or virtual opportunities listed at the bottom of this message.

This fund is a testament to the vision and collaborative effort of Rachel Hardeman '98, Simone Hardeman-Jones '98, Batala-Ra McFarlane '92, Anna Otieno '99, and Danielle Vrieze '99, who are committed to honoring and amplifying the impact of Mrs. Kennon at Breck School and beyond. I am especially proud that this scholarship fund upholds the legacy of Mrs. Kennon, who stewarded our school's financial assistance program to create the beautiful mosaic of students and families who have called our school home. 

For 136 years, our school has thrived because of the leadership of our committed alumni, who continue to care for and support our beloved school. We are grateful for the countless alumni and families who choose Breck as their philanthropic priority. If you have not yet made a contribution or would like to learn more about the fund, you can visit our Marion Jones Kennon Endowed Fund page found here

Thank you for your participation in upholding the legacy of Mrs. Kennon and living the mission and values of Breck. 

Get Engaged! 

Here is how you can participate in this celebration:

  • In Person: A special chapel service with Mrs. Kennon to honor her legacy and the fund. Monday, April 15, 2024 | 9:50 a.m. A reception will follow at 10:30 a.m. Please RSVP here by April 7. 
  • Video Message: Share a video or voice message of appreciation for Mrs. Kennon via our video keepsake here by April 6. 
  • Contribute: Support the MJKE Scholarship Fund by contributing here. Donors who contribute or pledge by April 7 will be invited to a special donor luncheon on Monday, April 15, immediately following the reception.