How You Can Support Our Students, Teachers and Community

Every year, our community comes together to support academic excellence for all Breck students. This year, our generous volunteers and donors allow us to maintain stability for our students, even during this challenging time. Our team of faculty and staff are working tirelessly to reimagine the Breck experience and keep our students safely on campus, while working to preserve all that makes Breck Breck.  Breck continues to be a place of strong personalization and academic press, committed to preparing students for a life of intellectual curiosity, self-knowledge, and social responsibility.

Below are the types of gifts that support the school and its mission:

Your tax-deductible gift makes the extraordinary Breck experience possible and helps prepare students for a life of intellectual curiosity, self-knowledge and social responsibility. Annual giving supports the school’s challenging and innovative academic programs, faculty professional development, arts, athletics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, as well as campus-wide upgrades to keep our students on campus.
Since tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Breck education, every gift demonstrates your commitment to the school, and shows our students the important value we place on giving back to the community. Please join the parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends who have helped provide the best possible educational environment for our students. 
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Strategic Initiatives

Breck’s strategic initiatives reflect the school’s values of school-wide innovation; integration of current research on mind, brain, and education; equity and inclusion; and financial aid. Philanthropic support will help meet critical needs and ensure transformational growth across the school. Donations may be directed to the following four priorities: 
Innovation and Technology

Teaching and learning is Breck’s core technology. The COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted emergency distance learning in the spring of 2020 and hybrid approaches to teaching and learning in the fall of 2020, has shifted basic assumptions about this core technology, such as when and where teaching and learning happens. 

Breck has been responding with flexibility and care to invest in resources for innovation. This investment includes new hardware and software for the hybrid classroom, support for additional professional development, and hiring two Innovation Specialists. Particularly critical to this work has been the organization of a design team, which has expanded the use of a design approach, as evidenced by the emphasis on flexibility, iterative and responsive change, and teacher and student involvement in innovation across all divisions.

The Peter Clark Center for Mind, Brain, and Education

Since 2016, the Peter Clark Center has been curating research in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE), investing in professional development for faculty, and helping all Breck students understand how they learn. In four years, it has become clear that students who understand themselves as learners enjoy school more, perform better, and have a growth mindset about themselves as learners for life. 

Beginning in Middle School, each student develops personalized learning strategies, documented in their Dynamic Learner Profile (DLP). The current DLP prototype is in the form of printed worksheets, shared Google documents, and other printed resource materials. This analog DLP has allowed us to model and test the process, develop curriculum, and think about desired functionalities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Breck is committing to specific actions that will build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where all Breck students can bring their full selves, feel a strong sense of belonging, and thrive as learners. Investments in this initiative will allow Breck to promote and maintain a culture of social and racial justice throughout the school. 

Financial Aid

Breck has always had a tradition of and commitment to ensuring that the school is accessible to students of all economic backgrounds. Having a strong financial aid program allows us to enroll highly motivated students, who could not otherwise afford a Breck education. The best way to maintain our commitment to socioeconomic diversity is through support of tuition assistance.

Additional Ways to Support Breck

Endowment gifts are invested for the long-term, creating a permanent source of funding for ongoing priorities, programs, and projects identified by the Board of Trustees. These gifts support faculty, scholarships, academic and co-curricular programs. For more information about establishing a new endowed or restricted gift, contact Susan Cossette by email or at 763.381.8341.

Memorial and Honor Gifts
This is a meaningful way to honor or remember someone from the Breck community who has made an impact on you, your student, or the Breck community. You can make a gift by visiting the online giving form or contact Susan Cossette by email or at 763.381.8341.

Planned Giving
Planned gifts provide general and endowment support to Breck through individuals’ wills and estate plans. Contact Susan Cossette by email or at 763.381.8341.