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Off-season Athletes: Training will be available to all off-season athletes 3 to 6pm on Monday through Friday during the school year. In the summer, athletes will be able to train 2 to 5pm on Monday through Friday. Off-season athletes will not be permitted to train while teams are training. See schedule below. It is highly recommended that Athletes are at least 14 years old to train. However, exceptions can be made based on individual basis. 

Teams: All in-season varsity sports are required to train for a minimum of 30 minutes each week. Teams will have scheduling priority over off-season athletes. Each session will incorporate either performance enhancement or recovery depending on game schedule.

Online Workouts: Online workouts can be designed for any athlete that needs a personalized training program. These workouts can be altered to match the athlete’s needs in and out of their competitive season.  Please contact DeRick O'Connell for access.

DeRick O'Connell

DeRick O'Connell

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