Safe School Plan Summary

At Breck School, our commitment to fostering a community of confident learners includes a comprehensive security and safety program. In a world impacted by changing conditions and challenges, we seek to create a safe and respectful environment – inside and outside the classroom. We know that a student’s experience of personal safety and respect comprises the foundation of an Episcopal school education. Therefore, Breck’s leadership prioritizes a strong security program so that students, parents, and educators can experience, participate, and create a community that nurtures a sense of space, growth, learning, and development of every child.

At Breck, we believe community-centered safety is led by people. Since 2014, Breck has personalized and formalized its security leadership. This security leadership team has taken a proactive posture towards building a program characterized by growth and sustainability. The security team at Breck works daily with the community to embody compassion, empathy, excellence, inclusivity, and respect. With students and our community in mind, our team has comprehensive strategies for crisis management, emergency response, and behavior intervention in concert with external and internal partnerships. Breck’s security team upholds the school’s values and constantly re-evaluates to re-align its procedures and strategies with the school’s mission and emerging needs.

While great value lies in individual leadership, we recognize the importance of continually strengthening our technology and system-wide integrity. Since 2014, Breck has increased its security presence, implemented training, installed photo ID badges, and expanded its visitor management procedures. Going forward, Breck’s strategic security program will continue along a maturity path, investing in and improving technology, training, and processes.

At the basis of our efforts lies our commitment to cultivating a culture of security into which we can welcome Breck’s students, families, employees, and visitors. We strive to educate students in and out of the classroom. Through training programs and communication with parents, educators, and students, Breck engages members to take ownership of their community’s security and work in partnership with community agencies and security professionals to develop a comprehensive safety and security program. 

Breck believes that with a strong system and culture of security comes the confidence to learn and develop as humans. We invite our parents, students, and staff to join us on this evolving journey to protect Breck’s community. 

Understanding Breck's Security Program

Drawing on comprehensive procedures, technology, and leadership, Breck’s security program strengthens its mission as an Episcopal institution and community. Breck’s security strategy comes to life in day-to-day operations, planning, and processes, creating a community-wide culture of safety.

Slide from North Arrow Group on Breck's Strategy for Security
Security Camera Systems & Operations. Breck’s security team has consulted with experts to develop a comprehensive site plan, which has guided the strategic installation of video surveillance.

Access Control. Breck utilizes access cards and readers throughout the facility to restrict access and maintain the integrity of campus security. Security staff also checks doors regularly. 

Visitor Management. Breck’s electronic visitor management (Raptor) system records who enters the building, issues visitor badges, and offers protection against unauthorized visitors.

Dedicated Leadership. Breck has a dedicated security leader whose primary responsibility is to be present on campus and direct any emergency responses as needed. 

External Partnerships. Breck has tight working relationships with our primary police, fire, and other emergency responders.  These relationships ensure coordinated response during emergencies.

Emergency Medical Care. There is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on duty during our Monday – Friday operating hours and an athletic trainer to service athletic contests. In addition, we maintain 24 AEDs throughout our operating environment.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening. Breck is building a social media listening platform to target and analyze potentially concerning online behaviors.
Training. Breck provides mandatory, regular workshops for employees and students throughout the year. Breck conducts training and scenario-based exercises to clearly define emergency response roles and responsibilities.

Behavioral Intervention Team. Breck’s Intervention Team is an essential part of its security response plan and receives comprehensive training. This team is fully informed and able to support the community.