Three Faculty Members Receive Summer Grants

Karyl Rice

Head of School Dr. Natalia Rico Hernández announced three faculty members have been awarded summer grants for study and travel. Congratulations to Lisa Hunninghake, Paul Slack, and Emily Brisse! A summary of their proposals is included below.

Emily Brisse (pictured left), Upper School English Teacher, will participate in the Kenyon College's Writing Workshop for Teachers in Gambier, OH. This next school year, Emily will teach a new elective on creative writing. Attending this workshop will allow her the opportunity to devote considerable time to the course’s creation, gather ideas and best practices from other educators across the United States, and learn from and network with inspiring professors like Erick Gordon from the Teachers College at Columbia University. Emily's main goal for attending this workshop will be to leave with a solid semester course plan for her new course, infused with relevant and engaging assessments that ask students to think critically about how they might utilize their creative voices in the pursuit of entertainment, enlightenment, and change.

Lisa Hunninghake (pictured center), Lower School 4th Grade Teacher, will attend the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute's Leadership Lab in Colorado Springs, CO. This institute teaches teachers a pedagogy of leadership that is based on the latest research from brain science, social and emotional intelligence, and group dynamics. As a fourth-grade teacher, leadership is an important part of her team's curriculum. Additionally, Lisa is also a co-leader of the Lower School Student Council. She is looking forward to learning a structure that will allow her to be more deliberate, effective and systematic in formulating grade-level and Student Council programs as well as infusing it in her daily support, relationships and teaching of fourth-grade students.

Seeking a deeper understanding of self and his ancestors, Upper School History Teacher Paul Slack (pictured right) will take a pilgrimage to Ghana, Africa. Paul will journey to Accra, Ghana, a well-known hub for enslaved people. He will invest time into studying the culture of Ghana and tracing the last steps of his people before they were forcibly removed and enslaved. In addition to learning more about his own identity, this work will allow Paul to infuse new ideas into his 9th grade African in the Modern World class and share personal stories when talking about the capture of people from Africa to sell into slavery for his U.S. History class. Paul shared that this experience will bring both answers and additional questions but he hopes that these questions will allow him to bring a new, distinctly African perspective back to Breck.

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