Students Come Together for Breck

This year for the first time, Breck’s Annual Giving Committee has three extraordinary students join us as volunteers. We are thrilled to welcome Josh Furman, Sahana Mangipudi, and McKenna Quam, all members of the class of 2021, to the team!  

Josh, Sahana, and McKenna will be partnering with Breck’s Advancement team to focus on thanking our generous supporters, as well as raising awareness and understanding of the importance of philanthropy at our school with their peers in the senior class.

Because tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Breck education, the school relies on Annual Giving to support the school’s challenging and innovative academic programs, faculty professional development, arts, athletics, extra-curricular activities, as well as campus-wide upgrades to keep our students together and make hybrid and distance learning possible.  

“Breck has given me so many opportunities that simply wouldn’t have been available to me under normal circumstances,” explains Josh. “Being a Breck student has taught me to be curious, engaged, and to find the things about which I am truly passionate.  This has definitely set me up for college, and beyond.”

Adds Sahana, “Breck has given me so much, and I truly want to leave a legacy here. Through Community Partnerships, Student Council, FBLA, and Advanced Science Research, Breck has prepared me for a life of intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. The best way for me to pay it forward is to give back to the Breck community.”

“Breck has done an excellent job of preparing me for college, not only by helping me through the college application process but by giving me crucial thinking skills,” notes McKenna.  “It is important to give back to Breck because Breck has given so much to us. Breck has built a community for students to learn and grow into young adults who are ready to make a difference in their communities.” 

Josh, Sahana, and McKenna:  We are grateful for your enthusiasm, both now and in the near future when you join the Breck alumni community!

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