Meet the Schedule Design Team

Design Thinking is a process of building deep empathy to understand problems and then iteratively build solutions. For the past two years, the Design Thinking process has entered into the Breck community in a more deliberate way. Last year, the COVID Design Team led the school through the design process to develop the daily schedule used during the 2020-2021 school year. That schedule was deliberately created with COVID restrictions and hybrid learning in mind. As Breck closed this calendar year, a new Design Team was launched: this time, with the goal of creating a daily schedule that would live beyond COVID and offer a new perspective to daily learning at Breck.

Design Teams allow a cross-section of staff faculty the opportunity to lead new initiatives at Breck. Look for more projects in the very near future!

2021-2022 Schedule Design Team Members:

Schedule Design Team Members

Lead Facilitator
Mark Garrison

Kyndal Witherspoon '22
Fiona Reilly '22
Asher Corndorf '25

Lower School 
Marie Murphy
Kim Schafer
Amy vander Deen

Middle School
Katie Scherer
Rachel Scanlan

Upper School
Coreena Affleck
Marcus Berg
Ben Lampe

Innovation Team Facilitators
A.J. Colianni
Ben Friesen
Julie Kallio

Design Team
Jessica Wanless
Laura Berdine

Community Partnerships
Frederique Schmidt

Peter Clark Center Program Director
Sarah Flotten


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