Meet a Mustang: The Noble Family

During Black History Month, we are featuring Black, African, and African American identifying members of the Breck School community for our Meet a Mustang interviews. For our last interview of the month, we are introducing you to some beloved community members at Breck, the Noble family. 
Communications: How many years have you been at Breck, and what are your current grade level(s) and position as a staff member?
Joseph: My name is Joseph Noble. I have been at Breck for 19 years and currently work as a groundskeeper for the school.
Jared: My name is Jared. I’ve been at Breck for nine years and am in grade 7.
Rhonique: My name is Rhonique, and I have been at Breck for two years. This year, I am in kindergarten.
Communications: Why are you proud to be Black?
Noble Family: As a family, we are proud of all the accomplishments made by Black people; in spite of the odds against us, we have been able to contribute on the highest level for a better country and a better world.
Communications: What is one way you and your family connect with your Black/African/African American heritage?
Noble Family: Every year, we have an annual gathering event to share our heritage and culture. We also have an online group where we keep in touch with friends and family.
Communications: From a student perspective, what is it about Breck that you enjoy most?
Jared: I like the welcoming and nice community at Breck.

Rhonique: I like my friends, my teacher, and recess!
Communications: What do you hope others will understand about what it means to be black?
Noble Family: We hope others will understand that we have hopes and dreams like everyone else and that we love our country and want to see the best for it.
Communications: From a parent’s perspective, what sets Breck apart when choosing an education for your child? Or Why Breck?
Joseph and Rhonda: We chose Breck for our children because it is a welcoming community. Breck also has other elements that we love, like being a one-campus school, chapel, and a warm faculty and staff who I work with and who teach and care about our children. As an employee, I feel like I am with family at Breck.
Communications: What is a meaningful experience you have had at Breck (student/staff perspectives)?
Joseph: After my mom’s passing, the Breck community showed us an unforgettable amount of support. We are forever grateful for the love we experienced from Breck.
A huge thank you to the Noble family for sharing this week!

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