Meet a Mustang: Jaren Morton

During Black History Month, we are featuring Black, African, and African American identifying members of the Breck School community for our Meet a Mustang interviews. This week the Meet a Mustang feature is Jaren Morton '21, who started at Breck in the fall of 2016. 

Communications: Jaren, thank you for interviewing with us. To start the interview out, can you tell us about yourself?

Jaren: Well, I started at Breck five years ago. I am a senior this year, and I am involved in Varsity Basketball, the mentorship program, and Oasis, a student-led affinity group.

Communications: Would you share a favorite experience and a meaningful experience that you have had at Breck with us?

Jaren: My favorite experience at Breck was the 2020 Snow Daze. The most meaningful experience happened last year at the MLK Symposium when teachers participated in an open panel discussion.

Communications: What is your favorite class?

Jaren: Journalism with Ms. Scherer.

Communications: Why are you proud to be Black?

Jaren: I think that regardless of what history books say or how the media depicts Black people, I believe that there is a rich and prominent history that comes with being Black, and for that reason, I am proud to be Black.

Communications: What accomplishment(s) are you personally proud of?

Jaren: I really am proud of being All-Conference in basketball and for participating in Breck related clubs and activities outside of my sport.

Communications: What is something that you appreciate and/or cherish about the Black community at Breck?

Jaren: That it is growing and that it is being represented more and more each year.

Communications: Thank you, Jaren! We really enjoyed getting to know you more.

Breck community, don't forget to watch Jaren and his fellow Boys Varsity teammates tonight as they take on St. Paul Academy and Summit School in the Anderson Gym. You can watch the game by going to

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