Lower School Sorting and Recycling

Breck Lower School students are on a mission to sort and recycle. In September, Kayla G. ‘29 and Willow G. ‘29 set up a meeting with Lower School Director Peg Bailey and Daytime Custodian Supervisor Walter Walker to increase participation in recycling the byproducts of Breck’s lunch service to the classrooms. Together they came up with a plan to sort items into three different streams: Organics, Recycling, and Trash. Class after class has joined the effort. After each lunch it has become routine for Lower School students to enthusiastically sort items into the correct bin. Breck’s communication team was able to observe Ms. Tonkin's class in action this week, and students were excited and happy to show off their knowledge about sorting and recycling. Keep up the great work Lower School students!

“You might think that one piece of trash in the organics is not a problem, but one piece of trash in the right spot can make a world of difference.” - Kayla and Willow 

If you are on campus and need a reminder on where items go, follow the list below:

Organics - food, napkins, packaging the food is in from the kitchen, #7 plastics
Recycle - paper, cardboard, empty bottles, cans, milk cartons (rinsed), #1 and #2 plastics
Trash - silverware +plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic wrap from grab and go items, applesauce/cottage cheese/yogurt containers, dressing/ketchup/mustard packets

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