Lower School Noetic Math Awards

Breck students found out the results of the Noetic Math Contest on Tuesday of this week during LS Community Meeting. Breck Lower School students voluntarily sign up with 80-98% of each grade choosing to participate this year! Students on the National Honor Roll scored in the top 10% of students around the country. Honorable Mention includes students in the top 50% of the country. Congratulations!

The Noetic Math Contest Breck participates in is open to 2nd through 8th graders across the United States. The contest involves 20 grade-level challenging word problems covering numerous mathematical topics. 
Second Grade

National Honor Roll (3)    
Wesley K, team winner
Pascal S., team winner
Maz M.

Honorable Mention
Arthur L., Elizabeth L., Liliana G., Dani B., Henry R., Rex F., Beckett M., Ella S., Noe G., Elizabeth K., Kate G., Rory M., Elisha S., James S., Bauer O., George R., Leo W., William M.

Third Grade

Honorable Mention
Kai M., team winner
Sam Sch., team winner
Maddie D., team winner
Phillip K., team winner
Juliana S., team winner
Finn B., team winner

Ada P,. Greta F., Max D.,Thomas S., Zelda V., Sylvia C., Zander W., Nandini B., Allie W., Juhl S., Sam Si., Will L., Meko S., Teddy C., Aarik C., Teresa N., Abby D., Emma S., Everett S., Greylin C., Haley B., Jack C.,
Maren S.

Fourth Grade

National Honor Roll (3)
Ayrton B., team winner
Leighton W., team winner
Bibi M., team winner

Honorable Mention (23)
Antonio W., Jackson W., Miles G., William I., Avantika B., Jack S., Kimaya S., Sophia I., Ethan M., Louis C., Thomas E., Aarav K., Caroline R., Kaiyann T., Paloma G., Valerie D., Vivi K., Zachary R., Ben N., David S., Lauren D., Sadie B., Skylar G.

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