Kai Miller '22 Interview

On Sunday, January 17th, Breck will co-host Sweet Potato Comfort Pie’s seventh annual MLK Holiday event: Amplify Our Love with Pie, to honor the 92nd birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breck student, Kai Miller ‘22, has been working behind the scenes to get ready for the event. The communications team at Breck did a brief interview with Kai to ask about her experience working on the event.

Communications: Kai, please tell us about yourself.

Kai: This is my second year at Breck. I have really enjoyed my English and Advanced Draw/Paint I classes.

Communications: Why did you decide to work on coordinating the Amplify Our Love with Pie event for your Interest 2 Action project?

Kai: I decided to work on the Amplify Our Love with Pie event because Ms. Schmidt brought up the opportunity to me, and I liked how the event impacted the community. You can just feel the energy when so many people show up and participate every year. Another aspect I like is how participants get to share stories about people in their community who deserve recognition for what they are doing to help social and racial justice in the Twin Cities. I think it is cool how a sweet potato pie is given to those community members to show how much they are loved and appreciated.

Communications: What is something you have learned working on the project?

Kai: I learned that a lot more goes into planning big events than people think. Planning an event takes many different people that specialize in different areas to make a project happen. You also have to add in a lot of promotion to get  people involved.

Communications: What do you want your classmates and other Breck students to know to know about your experience working on the project?

Kai: I want others to know that it was a good experience and that it taught me new skills and pushed me to try new things. 

Communications: How do you see the Amplify Our Love with Pie event positively impacting the Breck community?
Kai: I see the Amplify Our Love with Pie event positively impacting the Breck community by encouraging people to share their stories or give recognition to people who help them in positive ways. I think both actions help the community.
A huge thank you to Kai for sharing about her experience. Keep following Breck’s social channels to find out more about Sweet Potato Comfort Pie’s 7th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Event: Amplify Our Love with Pie.

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