Junior Repertory Dance Virtual Performance

Stacy Glaus

Students in the Junior Dance Repertory came together for their first virtual performance this week. 

Dancers in the class are focused on dance techniques that increase flexibility, strength, balance and sense of body awareness. The class is also focused on promoting a greater understanding of dance composition. 

The class is led by Breck's Dance Teacher Risa Cohen. In preparing for this performance, she shared that, "Their idea was to create a dance-film linking the dancers together: linking the class together on a chain of dance."

Ms. Cohen started the chain by creating a short phrase of choreography. She then sent that footage to one of the dancers in the class. 

"That dancer performed my last movement and then added it on.  Then the dancer sent me that footage and I sent it on to the next dancers.  Each time we did this we talked about what part of their ending movement they would perform. We did not have any music. I found the music based on the feel of the overall product," explains Cohen.

You can watch the performance on our YouTube channel here. Congratulations, Dancers!


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