Interview with Breck Yearbook Edition 79 Editors

Breck Yearbook Edition 79 officially dropped yesterday, and there were so many students who were beyond excited to receive their copy! The theme for this year’s edition is “Better Together,” and we caught up with this year’s editors Matthew Berestka ’22, Becca Holt ’22, and Belle Johansson ’22 to get their take on why this edition is special. 

Communications: Matthew, Becca, and Belle can you introduce yourselves?
Becca: I'm Becca, and Ihave been at Breck since third grade, so ten years. I have been involved in yearbook for two years. 
Matthew: I'm Matthew, and I joined Breck my freshman year. I have been involved in yearbook for three years.
Belle: I'm Belle, and I started at Breck in sixth grade and have been involved in the yearbook for three years. 
Communications: What was your vision for this year’s edition?

Belle: When brainstorming the vision for this year’s edition, we were drawn to the themes of togetherness and community. After being apart for two years, we wanted this year’s yearbook to represent coming back together—working together, learning together, growing together. We hope that this edition conveys the strength of the Breck community, and how we are all better together. 

Communications: What did you enjoy most about working on the yearbook?

Matthew: When working on the yearbook, we were able to really branch out and engage in all parts of the Breck Community. Whether we were taking photos of Lower School recess, Middle School robotics, or the Upper School homecoming dance, we enjoyed being able to see all aspects of the school. We also enjoyed the creative aspect of the yearbook. We spent a significant amount of time last summer creating templates, choosing fonts, and most importantly brainstorming ideas for the theme for the yearbook. To finally see all of that work come together into a final product was very rewarding. 

Communications: What would you like the Breck community to know about Edition 79?

Becca: We really wanted to showcase the amazing Breck community in this year's yearbook and in order to showcase that we focused on taking as many candid and unposed photos as possible. We found that taking these types of photos brought out Breck’s community even more. Edition 79 is especially important because of the cover. We wanted to show off the amazing talents of our student body and asked Emily Johnson ‘22 to paint the cover for the 21-22 yearbook. She did an outstanding job and we couldn’t imagine a better yearbook cover for this year. 
Thank you to the editors and all of the yearbook staff for putting together this year's edition! You all did an amazing job!

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