Feed Your Need to Read with #BreckReads

SUMMER! What a perfect opportunity to dive into good books and learn  new things! Join Breck friends and teachers this summer in a #BreckReads competition. Snap a picture or take a selfie of you or your family reading. Share the photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you may  be the lucky winner of a prize pack from your Lower School library!


  • Read a picture book
  • Read a chapter book
  • Read and solve math word problems
  • Read a nonfiction book about something you know nothing about
  • Read a biography about a person you admire or don’t know
  • Read a book that will teach you a new skill or technology
  • Read to a parent or caregiver
  • Read with your friends and neighbors
  • Read to babies and toddlers
  • Read to family or friends with Skype or Facetime
  • Volunteer to read at a retirement home, nursing home, or hospital
  • Read a blog and respond
  • Make or update a memories scrapbook with captions 
  • Keep a shared journal with someone.
  • Take turns writing back and forth.
  • Read a recipe aloud, step-by-step, while you help someone cook
  • Listen to audio books
  • Take turns reading a page at a time
  • Read at the library, bookstore, or coffeeshop
  • Read and sing song lyrics
  • Organize your bookshelf
  • Create a puppet show
  • Read in planes, trains, or automobiles
  • Read under a tree
  • Donate books to a Little Free Library
  • Read while you wait at a restaurant, doctor’s office, or airport

Head to your local public library this summer, both in person and online. You’ll discover summer reading lists, programs and events available for all age levels. Breck encourages all families to hold public library cards. If your child doesn’t have their own library card yet, visit your local branch this summer and sign up! Snap a photo and tag #BreckReads to us!

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