Every Book, Every Meal

Breck School is a long-time supporter of The Sheridan Story, now known as EVERY MEAL, a non-profit organization that distributes meals to children and families who are food insecure. More than 200,000 children in Minnesota live with food insecurity. Without reliable access to food, such as free and reduced meal programs at school, the risk of hunger is very real. EVERY MEAL fights hunger in our community by filling the gaps to food access that children face during weekends, summers and extended breaks. They work closely with 31 school districts that include over 87,000 kids who are eligible for free or reduced lunch, based on family income. Your support means children in need will receive healthy meals over weekends, vacations and during distance learning. 

Join us for our Breck Read-a-thon to support EVERY MEAL (formerly The Sheridan Story). Many of you have donated generously to Breck Scares Hunger in the past, and perhaps you've participated in food-packing event. Please consider continuing that support by participating in our READ-A-THON! 

WHEN: Oct. 9 - 31, 2020

HOW TO JOIN? Create the reading and donation goals that work for your family. Each family member can determine the number of books they hope to read during this time span, and assign a donation amount for each book.  

TRACK YOUR READING: Track your progress by using BIBLIONASIUM. This is a fun site that allows you to share what you are reading and see what books others are recommending. Join Breck's Readathon Group (Group Code: RBUNF011) with a parent email and track your progress! 

DONATE: Go directly to the Every Meal website to donate your family's Read-a-thon funds. Our goal is $5,000 and 2,500 books. Does reading books aloud count? Yes!

Here’s an example of how this can work: 

The Jones family sets a goal of 20 books, and plans to donate $5 for each book read. A parent reads 2 books, a grandparent reads 3 books, child #1 reads 10 books, and child #2 reads 5 books, for a total of 20 books. The Jones family then donates $100 dollars to EVERY MEAL. 

Voila! It’s a win-win. We have fun and stay connected reading together, and we get to help our community!

Questions? Please contact Lower School Chaplain Nan Zosel

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