Eight Breck Students Are MN Scholars of Distinction

Congratulations to the Breck students who have been recognized as Minnesota Scholars of Distinction in Science, Social Studies, and STEM. 

The following students from Breck received Meritorious Honor awards from the MN Scholars of Distinction Program:

  • Sahana Mangipudi '21 | Science
  • Ava Raffel '20 | Science
  • Simren Samba '21 | Science
  • Madigan Wilcox Hogan '20 | Social Studies
  • John Cardwell '21 | STEM
  • Benjamin Rex '21 | STEM
  • George Richards '21 | STEM
  • Will Sweeney '21 | STEM

The Minnesota Scholars of Distinction Award Program recognizes distinguished achievement by highly motivated self-directed students in:

  • Leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • Theater Arts

To earn this recognition, students must complete required work in the Minnesota Academic Standards, demonstrate mastery of complex subject matter and apply their knowledge to challenging projects. Students eligible for award consideration in leadership, mathematics, science, social studies, or STEM may be enrolled in grades 9-12 at a public or private school; homeschooled in grades 9-12, or enrolled in a Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. Theater arts awards are limited to grades 11-12.

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