Congratulations to the 20-21 Breck Math League Team for taking second in Class 1 A.

This year, the Breck Math League Team took second in Class 1A at the 2021 Minnesota State High School Mathematics League State Tournament. In a year of virtual practices, meets, and tournaments that literally crossed the International Date Line, the team stuck together and retained their second-place standing for a second year. Congratulations to:

Dominic G. '21
Ishan N. '21
Grayson R. '21
James M. '22
Amrita P. '22
Sean C. '23
Trisha S. '23
Zach S. '23
Not Pictured: Dominic G., Ishan N., Amrita P., Sean C. 
Special recognition goes to Dick Yonker, Breck Master Teacher and Yonker Mathematics Award namesake, who brought Math League to Breck before passing the torch to Brad Kohl in 1999 upon his retirement. Mr. Yonker passed away in June 2020 due to COVID-19 and is deeply missed by generations of Math League alumni.

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