Cognitive Overload

Karyl Rice

Fourth-grade teacher Kim Schafer recognizes the ways in which distance learning may feel different to her students and shared a wonderful story from an online exchange with her class:

"I was talking with the kids about cognitive overload and how, even though what I was asking them to do was familiar, doing things virtually may be more complicated.  I further explained that they needed to let me know if they were experiencing overload.  After this wonderfully caring and heartfelt little speech, there was dead silence. Finally, after an awkward pause, one brave little voice popped up, 'Mrs. Schafer, we’re good. Are you cognitively overloaded?!'"

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Breck Upper School students Joseph Purvis ‘21, Ayres Warren ‘22 and Maddie McDermott ‘22 share their experience interviewing Leslie Redmond, a local community organizer and former President of the Minneapolis NAACP. They also share their excitement for the MLK Symposium and Amplify Our Love with Pie events happening at Breck this upcoming week. Ms. Redmond will be the Upper School keynote speaker for the our 20th annual MLK Symposium.

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On Sunday, January 17th, Breck will co-host Sweet Potato Comfort Pie’s seventh annual MLK Holiday event: Amplify Our Love with Pie, to honor the 92nd birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breck student, Kai Miller ‘22, has been working behind the scenes to get ready for the event. The communications team at Breck did a brief interview with Kai to ask about her experience working on the event.

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