Climate Justice Activist Evelyn Acham Speaks at Breck's US Chapel

On Wednesday morning, Upper School students listened to Ugandan climate justice advocate Evelyn Acham. She shared with students about her work as the national coordinator of the Rise Up Movement and her involvement in Fridays for Future and the Arctic Angels for Global Choice during her speech. Then, she answered students' questions about climate justice and encouraged them to find ways to repair our world. To find more about Evelyn Acham, you can follow her social media accounts at Evelyn Acham (facebook), eve_chantel (Twitter), and evechantelle (Instagram).

"Students who want to get involved, we welcome you! You can start right now right after this call. You don't have to do something big to change the world. Start by doing a small act like reading and informing yourself about what is happening around you. [Discover] what climate change is and how it is connected to your environment. You can come up with solutions." - Evelyn Acham 

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