Changing the World Virtually: Part II

How do communities use science ideas to protect the environment?

As spotlighted in last week’s Bulletin, this was the question Middle School science teacher Jeremy Kes recently posed to his fifth grade students.  Jeremy dubbed this end-of-year project “Change the World,” and it allowed students to explore the cause and effect relationship between science ideas and environmental preservation.

Here is the exceptional work of another of Jeremy’s students is proud to share with our Breck community.

Anna '27

My project was a slideshow on deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. 

It was very fun to work on, especially because I was interested in the topic.  I tried to get as much information as possible, from all kinds of resources.  Mr. Kes was very helpful and worked with me throughout the whole process.  Now that it is finished, I looked back and I took in all that I had learned. I not only gained knowledge about the Amazon Rainforest, deforestation, other countries, and different perspectives, but also on how to put together a great slideshow.  In my slideshow, I put in information about why we need to protect the rainforest, how the community has used scientific ideas for good and bad, possible solutions, and more. 

I think that this project was a great opportunity for me to really become passionate about something. The Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed more and more every day, and we really need it to keep the ecosystems of Earth in balance.  I hope that I can educate more people outside of my family and my classmates about this huge problem.  I now know that even though I may be young, I can still make a difference!

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