Cardwell '21 and Jia '20 Qualify for ISEF

Congratulations to John Cardwell '21 and Byron Jia '20! The advanced science research partners qualified for the Regeneron International Science and Engineer Fair during the virtual Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair.

John and Byron presented their research project: Testing the Waters: Engineering an innovative method of water health analysis. Throughout their research, they worked under Dr. Peter Marchetto at the University of Minnesota’s Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering department. Byron and John developed a drone and watercraft pairing to analyze water quality in lakes. The drone captures aerial video and transmits a 3D map created from the footage to a watercraft. The watercraft then collects physical water samples for later testing as well as using electronic sensors to collect live data. This work could improve the efficiency, ease, and effectiveness of water quality surveys.

In reviewing entries for the fair, a judge shared that their project presented an "important real world topic to research. Innovative ways to use technology to gather data. Creative approach to address issues with current testing and data collection methods. Impressive design of your own unique system to collect water samples. “ — SSEF Judge

You can view their presentation here.

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