Breck’s yearbook editors tease the upcoming Mustang Edition 80

Breck’s yearbook editors tease the upcoming Mustang Edition 80
Breck’s yearbook editors tease the upcoming Mustang Edition 80

As the entire Breck community eagerly awaits the arrival of the 2022–23 Mustang, yearbook editors Floria E. ’23 and Ava J. ’23 weigh in on why this edition is special—and what to look out for when it drops in June. 

What was the vision for this year’s yearbook?
Ava: In the past, from my perspective, the yearbook cover was a little lacking. So we really wanted to do a cover that would be a lot more fun. For the theme, after all of COVID, we wanted to do something exciting. We wanted to make it something that people could look back, see stuff, and smile about it.

Floria: For all of our years of high school, things have been disrupted and almost separated [because of COVID]. So we wanted to acknowledge the fact that this kind of felt like the first normal year of being back together completely. Things are finally good again. 

What did you enjoy most about working on the yearbook?
Ava: I love doing photography. So my favorite thing was going out and getting to take pictures. I’ve done a lot of pictures for sports. It was really cool to be able to go and support all my teammates and to be able to take pictures of all these special moments. I look back on my own sports seasons, and they are all very special to me. So I liked being able to photograph and encapsulate that for other people.

Floria: I really liked the art side and getting to design the pages. I liked having a vision for how I wanted the book to look on paper and then be able to execute that. I also liked getting to talk to different students about their experiences. I’ve done several polls and heard different people’s opinions and fun snippets to include in the yearbook. I’ve enjoyed that part too and being able to put it all together on paper.

What would you like the Breck community to know about the yearbook this year?
Ava: We wanted to show the fun sides of school. A lot of times, it feels like school is really hard, so we want to showcase some of the more fun aspects of school—what we enjoy and what has made our many years at Breck worthwhile. We want people to look back and reminisce on all the things they love about Breck. 

Floria: I want to second that we mostly wanted to highlight the celebratory, fun moments in this yearbook. Your senior year yearbook is already special in itself—it’s what you’re gonna have forever. It’s been really fun to get to work on it and get to decide what we look back on.


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