Breck's Retiring Faculty & Staff

Our retiring faculty and staff have 159 years of collective service to Breck School. We've listed them below with a short summary of their experience and contributions to Breck.

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Don Bell

Don Bell started at Breck in 2004 as an Upper School history teacher and his love of history is apparent in the decades of tenure he leaves at Breck. His steady and balanced demeanor in any circumstance was something many Breck faculty and students depended upon over his tenure. Don is an avid historian and lover of military history and we hope your time in retirement allows you to journey through even more stories and uncovered history.

John Bellaimey

John Bellaimey started at Breck in July of 1989 and will forever be documented in our history books beginning with his ordination right here at Breck. Throughout the next three plus decades that would follow, Papa B has been a spiritual guide for our entire school community -- from baptism to death, he was accompanied families - acompanamiento.

He knows better than anyone what makes Breck an Episcopal school because he reshaped our school’s Episcopal identity - through program creation, even writing the textbook that is used in World Religion class, to our commitment to perpetual spiritual growth and development. Iconic among alumni, John Bellaimey - you built us up to where we are and this Chapel will always be “home” to you.

Mary Jane Curran

Mary Jane Curran began her career as a teacher at Carondelet School in South Minneapolis. In the fall of 1998, Mary Jane joined the sixth-grade team at Breck where she has taught English/history for the past 23 years. Mary Jane's ability to connect with students in the classroom is unrivaled in Middle School … probably because she is separated from her own adolescence by the thinnest of lines. In all seriousness, Mary Jane has had a lasting impact on the students, faculty, families, and colleagues at Breck. Always ready to laugh, jump in to plan practical jokes, and support her peers across the school, she enjoys bringing people together. From bringing the "Dare 2B Real" program at Breck, teaching canoeing at sixth-grade camp, serving as the Director for Medications on the DC Trip for the last 23 years, to being the soul of the middle school, we will wish you well and know we are better for having you as part of us.

Cathy Preissing

Cathy Preissing has long been a face of our Lower School community. First as a teacher, then dean, learning coach, and finally, student support team department head, Cathy has always held our students as the center of her world. As a consummate professional, trusted counsel, and excellent listener, Cathy brought a level of thoughtfulness, kindness and commitment to students and peers. Cathy, your impact is more than you know and has changed us for good. Although this may be farewell to your work life at Breck, we are excited to welcome you back this fall as an official grandparent of Ellis, Quinn, and Marlowe. 

Tim Rosenfield

Approximately forty years ago, a young PhD candidate in the Russian Studies program at Indiana University made the decision to leave the program in order to pursue a career in teaching. That candidate was Tim Rosenfield. In the summer of 1981, Tim began his teaching career in the halls of our school and has continued on to this day. He is a master historian, an expert storyteller, and a perpetual learner. His classes are filled with intricate details of the lives lived throughout history -- from the shoes individuals wore, to the cigars they smoked, to the people they loved. And that's what history is, isn't it? It is the stories for which we will all be remembered. Tim, we are forever grateful for the impact you have had at Breck.

Retiring Staff

Jill Arens

Everyone at Breck knows Jill Arens in her role as payroll benefits administrator. Jill's attention to detail and constant professionalism will forever leave an impact on our school. It is so easy to take for granted the importance of the work Jill conducts every day but, at the heart, Jill's work was to care for each one of us -- and our families. 

Doug Danielson

Doug Danielson could often be seen walking the halls of Breck after all our students went home for the day and - this year more than any other - the role of custodian was integral to the success of our school. From the cleaning and sanitizing to the care of our facility, thank you for your continued dedication to our school.


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