Breck's Fall Theatre Production - She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Breck Theatre Department has been hard at work on the fall theatre production, She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms. We caught up with cast members and the director to answer some questions about the production. Join the Breck YouTube Premiere of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms on Friday, November 20, at 7:00 PM for 72 hours at

She Kills Monsters is recommended for an audience age 13 and up.

What led you and the class to select She Kills Monsters for the fall theatre production? (Mr. Coate)
We knew we couldn’t do a live theatre production, so I felt that a socially-distanced film project was the safest and best way for us to remain engaged as dramatic storytellers this fall. It was also my goal, as a teacher who is new to Breck, to get to know the US students currently interested in theatre and - to the best of my ability -  find a story that genuinely represented their voices, interests, and experiences. Finally, I wanted to present a piece that has the power to amplify voices too seldom heard, to challenge us all to courageously identify and address struggles we face personally and as a community, and to help us find the solutions that will help us all grow personally and strengthen our community by empowering us to be good to each other. “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms” seemed to give us the best chance to accomplish all of those goals.

What sort of person is going to love this production? (Max Ansari)
Any person who enjoys other worlds and magical realms will find that She Kills Monsters holds quite a lot of enjoyable fantasy creatures and monsters, and players of Dungeons and Dragons will be able to glean some of the strange jokes and secrets hidden in the show, along with a big twist! 

What was challenging about bringing this script to life? (Amrita Pal)
In the play, there are so many deep and vulnerable topics that a lot of people can relate to, so it was definitely scary to have the responsibility of bringing the play to life. Some of the events can hit really close to home for people, so we wanted to make sure that what we put in the film was as raw as it could be and that it didn’t feel like we were poking fun at anything. However, everyone was incredibly supportive and, since we all were a part of this, we had some really honest conversations that helped us dive deep into the play and really portray it in an honest and sensitive light.

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