Breck recognizes Native American Heritage Month Week 2

Adapted from the Why Treaties Matter Exhibit 

Dakota and Ojibwe peoples’ relationship with their homelands is rooted in cultural history and spirituality, including a powerful sense that they are related to everything that surrounds them. The Dakota express this as mitakuye owasin, “all my relatives.” This profound connection with their land includes a responsibility to maintain balance by caring and providing for one another. Throughout history, this connection has established Native nations’ sovereignty in this place. That sovereignty is upheld through over 300 unique treaty agreements developed between the US government and tribal nations. 

Minnesota is rich with resources about Indigenous people's history and the repercussion of the past on today’s society. Offering a land acknowledgment is one small way institutions can recognize this longer history. A great resource when developing a land acknowledgement is the Native Governance Center.  Why Treaties Matter is an exhibit developed by Native people (including Breck parents of alumni Amanda Norman and Ramona Stately) to broaden understanding of treaties, sovereignty, and culture. This video produced by NPR (featuring Breck community member, Frank Ettawageshik) tells the story of why these living documents still matter today. Both are wonderful ways to consider our own relationship with the land and the importance of understanding the longer story of this place.

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