Bato Bato! to perform at the Prairie Burn Music Festival

Stacy Glaus

Following their six shows at the Minnesota State Fair, Bato Bato!, Breck's Upper School Marimba ensemble, is scheduled to perform at the Prairie Burn Music Festival in Hudson, WI on Sept 15. 

The festival is held at the YMCA's Camp St. Croix and benefits YMCA Camp endowments. Bato will be joined by other acts including Brother Ali, Now, Now, Jeremy Messersmith, PaviElle, Wisini, Jones Street Station, Chicago Farmer, Bunny Clogs, McNasty Brass Band, and Charlie Smith's Rockabilly Review.

Bato will perform at more than 30 events throughout the year. Their high energy, feel-good show is well-known across the Twin Cities community and they are excited to bring their music on the road to share the joy of music to all those listening.

To learn more about their upcoming show, visit them online at here:


Bato Bato 2018 Group Photo


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