BATO BATO! releases new album Knock on Wood

BATO BATO! releases new album Knock on Wood
BATO BATO! releases new album Knock on Wood

The Breck community is proud to congratulate BATO BATO! on the release of their newest album, Knock on Wood! On this album, the school's marimba band covers songs by Harry Styles, Bob Marley, Alvaro Soler, Vampire Weekend, and more. This is the first time in 10 years that the band has released new music, and the album pays tribute to the history of BATO BATO! while giving a taste of what is to come.

BATO BATO! is made up of Breck students from grades 9–12. Students were involved in the arranging, teaching, producing, and post-production of the album. The beautiful album artwork was created by Amira S. '23, and the album kicks off with some of the voices of the Class of 2036 from Ty Thayer's preschool class. You can stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. 

"These students get up early and practice at 7:30 a.m. They teach each other the notes to all of the songs: nothing is written down. They dedicated themselves to this project, putting in long hours and cheering each other on," says David Birrow, performing arts teacher and faculty advisor for BATO BATO!. "I'm a big fan of these students, so if you see them, I invite you to congratulate them."

Please join us in congratulating BATO BATO! members:

  • Sevi A. '25
  • Graham B. '25
  • Tamsin B. '25
  • Miles C. '26
  • Tucker C. '26
  • London F. '26
  • Yvonne F. '23
  • Josh F. '25
  • William G. '26
  • Jackson G. '24
  • Abigail G. '26
  • Tira G. '23
  • Catherine H. '23
  • Caleb L. '26
  • Kennedy L. '23
  • Dawson M. '26
  • Gwyneth M. '23
  • Oliver P. '23
  • Veda R. '26
  • Jada R. '26
  • Ava R. '23
  • Andrew R. '23
  • Claire S. '26
  • Logan S. '23
  • Anna Mary S. '23
  • Anushka S. '26
  • Elin W. '24
  • Xaria W. '23
  • Alex W. '26

For more information about BATO BATO! and Knock on Wood, click here

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