American Elections Class preps for Election Day 2020

Students in our Upper School American Elections interdisciplinary course spent the day diving into the issues and races across Minnesota ahead of tomorrow's Presidential election. Students broke into small groups - in person, hybrid, or all virtually - to look at the districts and discuss the key issues and races impacting each part of our state. Students will then spend the remainder of the week analyzing election results and media coverage.

The class is part of a variety of interdisciplinary classes offered at Breck such as the Expansion of Religion throughout History and Affective Neuroscience and Learning. In the American Elections class, students spend the semester researching the history of presidential elections in our country as well as watershed moments that impact our current political process. Students also use a statistical lens to study polling, sample size, sampling methods, confidence intervals and sampling error.

William, a student in the class, shared that "the class has been helpful to get a grasp on the basics and have the chance to hear both sides and the different arguments on issues." Avery, also in the class, reflected on the value of how you can really speak your mind in the class and hear everyone's opinions.

The class is led by Upper School History Teacher Charlie Grossman and Upper School Math Teacher Stacy Tepp. When asked about the goal of the class, Grossman shared, "I hope that students leave this class understanding how important politics, polling and elections are to their lives. But more importantly, I hope they become critical consumers of media, and understand how different news sources manipulate information. And once that information is received, they are able to explain their positions on important issues, and support those positions with evidence from credible sources." 

The American Elections students will now spend the rest of the semester analyzing results and building websites to document their work. For more information about Upper School Academics, visit their website

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