Advanced Science Research Students present at State

Congratulations to Breck's Advanced Science Research students who recently competed in the Minnesota Academy of Science's Junior Science & Humanities Symposium and the State Science and Engineering Fair! The students received a total of seventeen awards with several students advancing to national and international competitions.

Ben K. & Dominic G.'s Mighty MOF project was one of the two top projects that qualified to compete in the oral presentation at the National Junior Sciences and Humanities competition. Ben and Dominic used the MN Supercomputing Institute to investigate the catalytic activity of transition metal based metal-organic frameworks with varying structures in the dimerization of 1-butene. Their work is intended to find better ways of creating linear hydrocarbons, which have applications in plastics, detergents, oils, and other chemical processes. 

From the Minnesota State Science and Engineering fair, two Breck projects qualified for the International Science and Engineering Fair:

Will S. '21 and George R. '21 with their ALME: Assistive Lifting Machine for Elders


John C. '21 with his innovative system for water health analysis.

Will and George engineered a modified scissor lift table to help aid in the lifting of elderly people who have fallen. This device can be used for personal use as well as in nursery homes as a safe, easy, and inexpensive way to get someone who has fallen on the ground back to standing.

John examined current methods of water health analysis and designed an automated approach to more effectively analyze water health. John is utilized a drone and a novel sampling device to do so. This research will create an approach to water health analysis of lakes, rivers, and potentially oceans that is more effective, accurate, and cost efficient.

You can see the full results of the advanced science research students (and some of the project videos) here

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