A Message from the Head of School

On Wednesday, when insurgents stormed our nation’s Capitol building, I wrote a letter to our current families focused on support for our students as they processed all they were witnessing. I wanted to communicate that our faculty was prepared to engage our students in developmentally appropriate ways, not avoiding or diminishing the significance of the events in our capital. As this week closes, I am painfully aware that we - and our children - continue to be affected by the seditious and disturbing event that aired for all to see. 

It is important to state firmly and unequivocally that the unpatriotic, illegal, and white supremacist images and actions of violence and terror on one of our democracy’s most sacred grounds are in direct opposition to the Breck community values we hold so dear. Intentional and targeted violence disregards the dignity of human life. Our children deserve better.

Today, in the face of our country’s crisis, I am deeply proud of our faculty and our students. Teachers had conversations based on their students’ experiences and knowledge. They offered care and calm while skillfully confronting difficult facts and frightening images. Our students engaged in the kind of discourse that current leaders could learn from. They asked challenging questions and wrestled with the fact that what comes next is still unknown. We espoused discourse with dignity and encouraged conversations that challenge assertions with inquiry.

As I reflect on what has been an unprecedented school year, I want to express my gratitude to all of you, for your courage, your confidence, your vulnerability, and your strength. Our chapel theme, “hurt, harm, hope, and heal” reminds us that even in this painful moment, we will commit ourselves to a better way, and hope and healing will follow.

I am so proud to be a Breck Mustang. 


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