2021 MN Scholastic Writing Awards

A group of Breck Upper School students were recognized by MN Scholastic Arts & Writing Regional Awards for their writing in these categories: poetry, critical essay, personal essay & memoir, short stories, and flash fiction. Seven students were awarded at the Gold Key level, which means their work will move on for award consideration at the national level. The awards ceremony will be held virtually on Saturday, February 27, at 2:00 PM. Congratulations to all of our outstanding writers. We've listed our award recipients below — alphabetically by category.


Mina Adabag ‘23
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: Reclaiming Crazy

Ella Askew ‘22
Critical Essay | Title: The Age-Old Question

Zoe Jagiela ‘23
Poetry | Title: I think I can picture you in

Maeve Katics ‘22
Critical Essay | Title: Genius Women and the Men Who Fall into the Sea

Sahana Mangipudi ‘21
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: The Durga in My Family

Lily Suckow Ziemer ‘22
Poetry | Title: My Life is a Suicidal Thought

Grace Valley ‘21
Poetry | Title: Look at Us


John Gorman ‘23
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: A Priceless Gift

Zoe Jagiela ‘23
Poetry | Title: I think that’s when I
Poetry | Title: The evening is tired and so
Poetry | Title: This is the moment when I
Poetry | Title: I am really thinking of this—

Maeve Katics ‘22
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: An Open Letter to Anybody but the Courageous

Maeve Lichtenberg ‘21
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: Goodbye, Sky

Benjamin Rex ‘21
Critical Essay | Title: The Dangerous Game

Lily Suckow Ziemer ‘22
Poetry | Title: Obsessive Compulsions

Grace Valley ‘21
Poetry | Title: The Lonely Eye Generation

Jiabao Wang ‘21
Short Story | Title: NaiNai’s Dumplings

Dahlia Weinstein ‘22
Poetry | Title: We’re Already Dead


Zoe Jagiela ‘23
Poetry | Title: Maybe dreams are meant to die on
Poetry | Title: Suppose my soul is displaced from
Poetry | Title: It is raining, yes
Poetry | Title: “Vivir” means to live, inside

Maeve Lichtenberg ‘21
Flash Fiction | Title: Thanksgiving Food on Easter Day

Alison Mitchell ‘23
Poetry | Title: Poetry Trio

Aditi Nadkarni ‘22
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: Best Wishes from America
Poetry | Title: Victory Owned by You

Amrita Pal ‘22
Critical Essay | Title: An Open Letter Regarding Racism Against Asian Americans

Victoria Reisberg ‘22
Poetry | Title: Self Portrait as Teddy Bear

Ava Roh ‘23
Short Story | Title: Reflections

Niya Shaul ‘24
Novel Writing | Title: Tundra’s Story

Ava Warford ‘23
Poetry | TItle: Chasing Phantoms
Poetry | TItle: Deer
Poetry | TItle: On Writing
Poetry | TItle: The Tolling of the Swords

Lily Suckow Ziemer ‘22
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: Confirmation

Leo Wellmann ‘22
Personal Essay & Memoir | Title: Open Letter to Donald Trump: Masculinity as it Relates to COVID-19

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