2019 Scholastic Art Awards

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The 2019 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards were recently announced by the Art Educators of Minnesota. Breck students were honored with 76 awards, including Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention. We've listed all the students and their awards below — and we've posted photos of all of the beautiful art on our gallery site. Congratulations to our art students!

Gold Key

Ella Brophy | Art Portfolio
Deirdre O'Neill | Art Portfolio

Matthew Berestka | Photography
Henry Bubula | Drawing and Illustration
Jennie Ehlert | Ceramics & Glass
Nina Eyres | Drawing and Illustration (3)
Deirdre O'Neill | Ceramics & Glass (2)
Alisa Panichkina | Mixed Media
Lizzy Pfohl | Mixed Media
Sara Rex | Digital Art
Niels Wu | Mixed Media

Silver Key

Nina Eyres | Art Portfolio
Alexandra Karos | Art Portfolio

Lily Applebaum | Mixed Media
Henry Bubula | Drawing and Illustration
Henry Bubula | Painting (2)
Gus Culligan | Ceramics & Glass
Sarah Feng | Drawing and Illustration
Alexandra Karos | Mixed Media
Katelin Phelps | Drawing and Illustration
Elizabeth Pirtle | Photography
Sara Rex | Photography
Talia Saklad | Drawing and Illustration
Talia Saklad | Mixed Media
Niels Wu | Digital Art

Honorable Mention

Henry Bubula | Art Portfolio
Saylor Hawkins | Art Portfolio
Lizzy Pfohl | Art Portfolio
Talia Saklad | Art Portfolio
Josh Taylor | Art Portfolio

Gigi Adiyia | Photography
Emily Akins | Ceramics & Glass
Lily Applebaum | Ceramics & Glass (2)
Nicole Blake | Ceramics & Glass
Henry Bubula | Drawing and Illustration (4)
Ian Empson | Painting (2)
Nina Eyres | Drawing and Illustration (3)
Bella Flanders | Drawing and Illustration
Bella Flanders | Printmaking
Ally Frantzick | Ceramics & Glass
Sydney Gamer | Drawing and Illustration
Sydney Gamer | Painting
Rachel Gunderson | Ceramics & Glass (2)
Sarah Hatfield | Drawing and Illustration
Eve Javinsky | Ceramics & Glass
Michael Johnson | Photography (2)
Alexandra Karos | Drawing and Illustration (3)
Maya Mischke | Painting
Deirdre O'Neill | Ceramics & Glass (2)
Lizzy Pfohl | Ceramics & Glass (4)
Fiona Reilly | Drawing and Illustration
Talia Saklad | Drawing and Illustration
Kylie Spangler | Painting (3)
Josh Taylor | Photography
Niels Wu | Drawing and Illustration

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