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2021 Alumni Men's Soccer Game

On July 21, Breck welcomed back 51 alumni for our first ever Annual Alumni Soccer Game. Thank you to all of the players and fans who showed up to participate!

Mustang Athletics Needs You!

We are in the final hours of our Breck Giving Week, and we need your help to finish strong! If Breck athletics has positively impacted your life, please consider donating today.

$32 for 32: Honoring Papa B.

Next week marks the end of a 32-year teaching career for Father John Bellaimey at Breck. In his honor, we are asking alumni to consider donating $32 at and to share their memories of him on social media as we celebrate his amazing service to our community with the #BreckpapaB.

Breck Giving Week is May 26 - May 29

As we approach the end of the school year, this the week to come together for Breck!  During Giving Week, the entire community is invited to join together to celebrate Breck by supporting the Annual Fund.


Viewpoints Leadership
Stacy Glaus

High school sports can be one of the greatest teaching tools that a young person experiences in their development. The leadership on those teams, from the coaches, captains and upper classmates, helps establish a student athlete's foundation of values and expectations for themselves, as well as establishing their path for helping others. Education-Based Athletics is at the core of this development.

A Few Comments about Leadership and Common Ground
Jill Schurtz, President, Breck Board of Trustees

When asked about two of the institutions I love, West Point and Breck, I describe them as strikingly similar - not because I view Breck as militaristic.  Rather, from my perspective, both embrace the values of character, courage, and service in their devotion to the mission of graduating our next generation of citizen-leaders, and more importantly, leaders of character. 

Lower School Student Council
Today at Breck Magazine Feature

At Breck, students of all ages have the opportunity to lead clubs, join committees working on special initiatives, and be a member of student councils. Each opportunity offers students a great deal of influence on shaping the culture and climate of the school but also involves a significant amount of risk as being a leader among their peers.

Lower School holiday program rehearsal
Stacy Glaus

Choosing a school for your child can be challenging and stressful for any family. This current Breck parent shares her family's decision-making process in this article featured in the Viewpoints newsletter.

Creating an environment for learning
Peg Bailey, Lower School Director

Lower School Director Peg Bailey explores the distinctive attributes of the learning environment at Breck.

LS Student
Dr. Daisy Pellant, Director of the Peter Clark Center

An enriching early childhood experience is vital to future brain development and the corresponding outcomes in our brains and in life.

Lower School Student Reads book
Dr. Natalia Rico Hernández, Head of School

Why do adults seem to give the early years the lowest priority in the educational experience? Head of School Dr. Natalia Rico Hernández explores this topic in this issue of On My Mind.

Teacher Jenny Bennett with students
Natalia Rico Hernández, Head of School

As skilled educators, Breck faculty understand that students learn best when discrete skills, socio-emotional or otherwise, are applied to varied contexts in developmentally appropriate ways from preschool through 12th grade.

Breck Chapel
Alexis Kent, Religion Department Head and MS Chaplain

Being an Episcopal School offers yet another opportunity for students to engage in their development of identity and empowerment of voice. Throughout the Preschool through 12th grade experience, Religion class and Chapel provide spaces where students discern their own beliefs and how those beliefs relate to others.

Students at Sheridan Story
Frederique Schmidt, Community Engagement Coordinator

Our Community Engagement program is set up to meet each student where they are and allows them to develop these skill at their own pace. Success looks and feels different to each student.


First-Grade Buddies at Homecoming
Lisa Heurung, Katy Pearson, and Staci Prior, Breck Counselors

“Students’ Physical and Emotional Growth are Important in the Pursuit of Potential.” This is taken from the values section of Breck’s mission statement. We know that being intentional about social emotional well-being supports academic health and achievement. How this looks in school will be somewhat different depending on your child’s age.

Breck School Wilder MN
Natalia Rico Hernández, Head of School

Are schools that are rich in history and tradition also known as traditional schools? Head of School Dr. Natalia R. Hernández shares this question in her series, On My Mind.

Middle School Design Thinking
Sky Fauver, Middle School Director

Everyone was talking about last week's 29-29 tie between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. But when it comes to two Middle Schoolers, the nature of their post-game conversation was reflective of the environment we strive to provide our students.

First Grade-Senior Buddies Homecoming 2018
Peg Bailey, Lower School Director

From first-grade/senior buddies to biddies, these Breck traditions are intentionally lived out and reflect the transformative and futures-oriented environment of Breck. 

Upper School Community Partnerships
Thomas Taylor, Upper School Director

Last week marked our students' first visit to their community partnership sites. While there, students engage in important work, which is a key element in forming the culture of Breck. 

Social Media

    News Stories

    Breck Swimmer Charlie Crosby '22 Makes the Olympic Time Trial Cut and is Named Metro Boys' Swimmer of the Year

    Charlie Crosby ’22 was just named the Star Tribune’s Metro Boys' Swimmer of the Year. We caught up with him shortly after he made the Olympic Time Trial Cut for the 100 Meter Backstroke to ask about swimming and life at Breck.

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    MS Students Research Climate Change

    MS science students collaborated on a climate change research project earlier this year. Their teacher, Ms. Alexander, created a scenario for her students that opened up opportunities for deep conversations about climate justice and helped them understand the complicated nature of negotiating resolutions while also internalizing the need for immediate action to mitigate its impact.

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    Congratulations to the 20-21 Breck Math League Team for taking second in Class 1 A.

    This year, the Breck Math League Team took second in Class 1A at the 2021 Minnesota State High School Mathematics League State Tournament. In a year of virtual practices, meets, and tournaments that literally crossed the International Date Line, the team stuck together and retained their second-place standing for a second year.

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    Breck Radio Theater presents Theatre of the Mind

    Upper School students studied character voice acting in sketch comedy and classic radio drama - specifically looking at "Monty Python" style of sketch comedy of the late 20th Century, and the early 20th Century radio drama "War Of The Worlds", the murder mystery program "Sam Spade", and the sit-com "Fibber McGee and Molly". We then worked in small ensemble groups to write and improvise our own radio sketches.

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    Advanced Science Research students demonstrate their research projects.

    Congratulations to Breck's Advanced Science Research students who recently competed in the Minnesota Academy of Science's Junior Science & Humanities Symposium and the State Science and Engineering Fair! The students received a total of seventeen awards with several students advancing to national and international competitions

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    Meet the Schedule Design Team

    Design Thinking is a process of building deep empathy to understand problems and then iteratively build solutions. For the past two years, the Design Thinking process has entered into the Breck community in a more deliberate way. Last year, the COVID Design Team led the school through the design process to develop the daily schedule used during the 2020-2021 school year. That schedule was deliberately created with COVID restrictions and hybrid learning in mind. As Breck closed this calendar year, a new Design Team was launched: this time, with the goal of creating a daily schedule that would live beyond COVID and offer a new perspective to daily learning at Breck.

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    Model United Nations at Breck

    On January 22nd and 23rd, Breck students participated in the B&B Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. Students from Breck and Blake planned and participated in this year’s B&B MUN Conference. The communications department caught up with three Breck MUN student leaders to learn more about the club and to ask about their experiences so far this year.

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    Breck Upper School Students Interview with Leslie Redmond

    Breck Upper School students Joseph P. '21, Ayres W. '22, and Maddie M. '22 share their experience interviewing Leslie Redmond, a local community organizer and former President of the Minneapolis NAACP. They also share their excitement for the MLK Symposium and Amplify Our Love with Pie events happening at Breck this upcoming week. Ms. Redmond will be the Upper School keynote speaker for our 20th annual MLK Symposium.

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    Kai Miller '22 Interview

    On Sunday, January 17th, Breck will co-host Sweet Potato Comfort Pie’s seventh annual MLK Holiday event: Amplify Our Love with Pie, to honor the 92nd birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breck student, Kai Miller ‘22, has been working behind the scenes to get ready for the event. The communications team at Breck did a brief interview with Kai to ask about her experience working on the event.

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    Breck Middle School and Upper School Performing Arts Concerts and Performances

    The Performing Arts Department has been hard at work creating ways to showcase what they have learned fall semester. We hope that you take time over the Winter Break to watch, listen, and enjoy what the performing arts students have accomplished.


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    Meet a Mustang: The Sixkiller Family

    We hope you found the articles and interviews shared by Native American members of the Breck community insightful this month and that as a community we all learned more about Indigeneity. Our last highlight of Native American Heritage Month is an interview with the Sixkiller family. We are thankful for them and for their continued engagement in the Breck community! 

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    A Look Inside: Grade 9 English Class Guest Speaker

    Upper School English teacher Katherine Raths worked to find opportunities to explore these themes with her students — made more challenging while remote learning,. Raths, who is also a law student at Mitchell Hamline College of Law, invited one of her professors to speak to Grade 9 students.

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