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Become a Mustang

Our Coaches. 

The coaching staff fosters in students' responsibility and discipline, qualities that will benefit them on the field, in the classroom and in their daily lives. Coaches make sure their programs support Breck’s beliefs, and that the teams exhibit positive qualities such as respect, honesty, responsibility and strong ethical values. Coaches take responsibility for their successes and failures, pushing themselves to excel beyond expectations.

Our Facilities. 

Breck has multiple athletic facilities on campus along with the Breck School Anderson Ice Arena which sits just across Hwy 55 from campus. Breck is lucky to have so many facilities on campus for the student-athletes to utilize during the season. Indoors at Breck, there are three gymnasiums and a field house with four courts, along with a pool. Outside are two baseball fields, a softball field, a stadium and a practice field for football, soccer and lacrosse. 

Our Mission. 

Breck’s athletic program is structured to provide opportunities for all students. Over 100 coaching positions are required to serve Breck’s program of 27 sports and 70+ teams for grades 7 through 12. The life lessons sports provide is the most important aspect to an athlete's experience. Learning how to win and lose gracefully is part of the overall educational opportunity. Athletics, with proper guidance from quality coaches, fosters behavior that is non-biased and inclusive of individuals.

Ramaud Chiaokhiao-Bowman '16

The most dear thing to me through my Breck athletics journey was the investment and belief by the staff. Through my four years of playing football at Breck, I was constantly surrounded by staff within the school walls and coaches out on the field that believed in me and put time into my individual growth as a player and as a young man. It began with Coach B. believing in me as a freshman, to be able to start on varsity. This was followed up by Coach Martin who continuously challenged me to work harder and become a better leader. Throughout the entire process, Coach Harris taught me what it meant and how to be a dominant, elusive and productive wide receiver. There were endless people in my corner always. If I needed something football related or off the field related the athletic support staff was ready to ensure my betterment and well being.The wins and losses helped me grow during the season, but the coaches and support enabled me to become a better young man. The positions I was placed in challenged me to succeed. The adversity faced, helped me rise and it wouldn’t have been possible without Breck athletics and my family in my corner every step of the way.

Grace Zumwinkle '18
Breck Athletics has provided an amazing culture with great coaches, great teammates, and overall great school spirit. Breck gave me the opportunity to play three sports along with receiving a top-notch education. Through my experience I have formed many lasting relationships with coaches, teammates, classmates, and administrators. I am extremely grateful for the resources and opportunities that Breck provided me to be successful in college.
Saylor Hawkins '19
My sports experience at Breck was very valuable to me. I was able to participate in many different sports such as gymnastics, diving, track, and basketball. Additionally, I was able to manage football and boys’ basketball. I loved being involved in Breck sports. The people within the programs are amazing from the coaches, to the kids, the trainers, and the athletic directors. My participation in sports has taught me useful lessons; how to be a good leader, to be organized, a team player, to respect others, and be more outgoing. I learned that hard work and communication is key. One of the most helpful things I learned throughout my Breck sports career was that it is very helpful to communicate whether it’s with your coaches, the trainer, the athletic director, or the other athletes. It helps things run more smoothly. It also allows them to help you in the way they think is best.  The Breck sports community is very supportive.

Get to know the Athletic Department

Brett Bergene

Director of Athletics

Tina Fourniea

Assistant Athletic Director: Sports Information

John LaRotonda

Athletic Trainer

Jonathan Martin

Assistant Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

DeRick O'Connell

Strength and Conditioning Coach

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