Distance Learning at Breck

A message from the Head of School

Distance Learning Philosophy

At Breck, we believe learning occurs in the context of caring relationships and academic challenge. During an extended school closure, we believe in maintaining that context, which we refer to as personalization and press, to the greatest extent possible. The goal of distance learning is to maintain continuity of our personalization and press. Because Breck offers a community of preschool through 12th-grade learners under one roof, we believe that maintaining this continuity will allow us to resume on-campus learning and relationships with ease.

It is important to recognize that we are not intending to recreate the physical classroom in an online space. We must admit that the unique environment of our classrooms and our school cannot be replicated online. An extended school closure means that time and space have fundamentally shifted for our learning environments and we must reframe our methodology. Teachers are in the position to fully explore who they are as online educators.

There will be moments of great success and joyful interactions and there will be moments of frustration and overload. That is how we learn.Every challenge is an opportunity. We encourage our faculty to approach distance learning as an opportunity to leverage digital tools, iterate on creative approaches, and enhance the excellence that already exists in their classrooms. In doing so, we will be best positioned to provide students with learning experiences that promote engagement, support social interaction, and allow for meaningful feedback.

Student Expectations

Distance Learning parent Forums

In order to support families in making this transition, Breck division directors hosted parent forums to answer questions and provide information. 

If you missed the parent meeting, recordings are available in your Veracross Parent Portal at the link below. A Breck login is required.

Parent Forum

If you have feedback as it relates to distance learning for you and your family, submit a comment at the link below.

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Members of our faculty and staff have curated a variety of resources to support you and your family during COVID-19 and through Breck's Distance Learning. To learning more and access links, reflections, and ideas for your family, click the link above.

If you have a question with Veracross/classroom access, need assistance connecting/signing in, or require support on a Breck-issued device, please have your student - through their Breck email account, submit a trouble ticket by emailing support@breckschool.org. A member of our technology team will respond to your needs as soon as they are able. 

Distance Learning Terms


A collaborative, real time digital whiteboard where you can draw, write, and insert ideas.


An online app utilized by Lower School Teachers to document student work and portfolios for their students.


Breck's Student Information System. Also the location where teachers will post classroom updates and assignments.

Google Hangouts

An online web-conference platform that lives within Breck's Google Mail/Classroom Infrastructure

Asynchronous Learning

Teachers assign course work or assignments that can be completed independent. Students may choose to utilize a teacher's office hours for support. The majority of coursework for Breck students will be asynchronous so to allow for flexibility in scheduling throughout households.

Synchronous Learning

Class time that occurs as a collective. Classes will usually "meet" together virtually for synchronous instruction by using online applications such as a web-conferencing platform or Google Chat/Hangout.

Division Information