2021-2022 COVID-19 Response Plan

Updates from the Head of School

Sent: Monday, August 23

Reminder: COVID Compliance Team Update Call
Tonight | Monday, August 23 | 5:30pm
Meeting link provided to parents via email

Join Natalia Rico Hernández, Ed.D., Head of School, and Dr. Paul Anderson, Consulting Physician, for an update on Breck's COVID response plan. Dr. Anderson will review the statistics and data that contributes to our decision-making process and Dr. Hernández will cover the latest updates and information as we prepare for the start of school.

Important Update - Revised Situational Face Covering Policy
Face coverings required regardless of vaccination status while in classrooms and meeting rooms. Individuals in one-on-one meetings may remove their face coverings only if they are vaccinated and all are comfortable. Masks are not required outdoors. All other elements of the face covering guidelines, specifically regarding performing arts and athletics, remain unchanged.

Minnesota Department of Health Offering On-Site Testing Options
The Minnesota Department of Health launched a new option for students to participate in a screening testing option in schools. Although there are many locations for your family to access testing for COVID, Breck is exploring the option to also offer this service at school, depending on the interest. To indicate your interest, please fill out the form below.


Several questions were also submitted in advance of this meeting. Many are addressed in the questions below.

Q: Will distance learning be available for students this year?
A: The Breck Experience is best realized through in-person, on-campus instruction. Breck will exclusively offer on-campus instruction this year, however, as shared in our COVID response plan, distance learning as a result of a COVID-related illness or quarantine may be available to these students.

Q: What constitutes a close contact if there is a positive case at Breck?
A: Breck works with each COVID positive case to understand their past actions, relationships, and routine. We then use that information to make decisions in accordance with the contact tracing guidelines by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Q: Will the COVID case reporting dashboard be available again this year?
A: Yes. A link will be posted in your Veracross Parent Portal beginning August 30.

Q: What percentage of students age 12+ are vaccinated?
A: 93% of students have submitted their vaccination on Magnus Health.

Q: Will vaccinations be required of faculty and staff?
A: Employees who are not vaccinated will be required to submit weekly COVID test results to the Health Center. While vaccinations for faculty and staff are not required at this time, the policy is subject to change.

Q: Will vaccinations be required of students 12 and over?
A: Vaccinations for eligible students are strongly recommended, but are not required. Please see also the update above regarding student COVID testing options.

Q: What should I do if my child has a seasonal cold/cold-like symptoms?
A: We recommend all students and employees get tested, regardless of vaccination status, if they are sick with any symptoms of COVID-19 -- many of which resemble the common cold. Rapid antigen tests can be used if you or your child is symptomatic. Over the counter tests such as BintaxNOW are also options available to families.

Q: Will parents and/or visitors be allowed on campus?
A: Breck is excited to re-open our campus to parents and visitors who will be expected to mask per the policy noted above.

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As we shared above, the partnership between the school and our families is critical to keeping our community healthy and safe. Here is how you can help at home:

  • Monitor your child for symptoms. 
  • Encourage frequent hand washing and healthy hand washing techniques.
  • Avoid large-group gatherings outside of the Breck community.
  • Continue regular well-child visits to your pediatrician or healthcare provider.
  • Practice wearing a face covering during large, indoor activities and events.
  • Monitor your child's mental health by providing space to ask questions and talk freely about COVID-19 and other concerns.