Community Partnerships

US Students at their Community Partnership site

We believe that each student should accept responsibility for the common good and develop a desire to contribute to those in need.

As Breck strives to instill in each student a deep sense of social responsibility, we actively encourage our learners to find opportunities to engage the world outside our walls. Our students:

  • Learn about systemic social issues, participate in collaborative solutions, and foster a social conscience that leads to action.
  • Benefit local communities and further our community partners' missions and goals
  • Encourage the development of the characteristics of servant leaders, including empowerment of others, empathy, humility, open and honest communication, and the creation of authentic relationships
  • Foster cultural self-awareness as well as provide opportunities to practice effective and appropriate intercultural communication in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Meet the needs of students and faculty to serve, to connect, and to put their spiritual and ethical values to work for justice and peace in the community

This is a partnership and the benefits are mutual. The organization is benefitting from our volunteer time. We are benefitting because we are becoming strong community members and learning what it means to be a resident of the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

- Breck Student

Program Highlights

  • Philanthropy grants awarded annually
  • Weekly partner site visits by the entire Upper School
  • Monthly partner site visits by the entire Middle School
  • Student-led initiatives across divisions
  • School-wide collection drives
  • Community-Based Research in Mathematics offers in-depth partnership and discovery for students seeking additional opportunities
  • Parents Association committee dedicated to school-wide partnership events

A glimpse of our partner sites

Community Partnership map for Upper School