Community Engagement

US Students at their Community Partnership site

When we say social responsibility at Breck, we mean living up to our obligation to contribute positively to a healthy, just, and equitable community. It implies an understanding and acceptance of our individual and collective responsibility to improve an interconnected world.

All students participate firsthand in Breck’s community engagement programs. We prioritize building relationships and community with neighbors in the Twin Cities. We believe that understanding the strengths, needs, and perspectives of others in our greater community, especially those representing marginalized voices, is vital to our successful participation in collaborative responses to social problems. 

Community engagement at Breck looks like student-led advocacy and projects, school-wide volunteer opportunities for families led by our Parents Association Service Committee, Grade 11 and Grade 12 May Program internships, our advanced community-based research classes, every Upper School student visiting a community organization on a weekly basis - and more!

This is a partnership and the benefits are mutual. The organization is benefitting from our volunteer time. We are benefitting because we are becoming strong community members and learning what it means to be a resident of the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

- Breck Student

A glimpse of our partner sites

Community Partnership map for Upper School