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SSS: Our Financial Aid Partner

To ensure that the awarding of financial aid is determined in an equitable manner, Breck uses the services of School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), which is under the aegis of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Click here to access the SSSbyNAIS website. SSS will process a family’s application, complete the analysis based on financial information provided by parents and then forward to Breck the “Report of Family Contribution” (RFC). The recommended amount is not binding on the school. To begin completion of your financial aid application for the coming academic year, please follow the steps as outlined below.

SSS considers a number of factors such as income, assets, liabilities, unusual circumstances, and size of family in determining a recommended family contribution.

Regardless of the number of children in a family pursuing admission, the fee for submitting the online application is $49. 

You will find complete instructions on the SSS website. If you have questions, please call Carrie Lennox in the Breck Admissions Office at 763.381.8204.

Helpful Hints

  • New families must create a new account. Returning families should use the email address they used with SSS in previous years.
  • Do not leave any portion of the application blank.  Be sure to fill in names, occupation / employer, years with employer, address, etc. This does NOT auto-fill from a previous year.
  • Applicants may upload required documents only AFTER submitting the PFS.
  • SSS has an online guide to assist you in completing your PFS from start to finish. Download the PFS guide at
  • You may begin the SSS by NAIS financial aid process as of October 2, 2017, even though your 2017 Federal Income Tax forms might not yet be completed or if you have not received your W-2s and/or 1099s. Utilization of pay stubs, household ledger information, and other sources will serve to provide needed information at this point in time. SSS will enter, file, and hold your in-progress application information as “Incomplete” until all of the requested income tax forms and information have been received by SSS.
  • Be sure to list Breck School on the PFS (Parents Financial Statement) application to receive your RFC (Report of Family Contribution) report form. The school’s code is 1804.
  • For application questions where exact amounts are unknown, use a good-faith estimate.
  • On the PFS form, fill in numerical figures only. In spaces where the response is a zero amount, insert a “0” so that the individual processing your application at SSS does not interpret the absence of an amount as an item overlooked or disregarded.
  • Some of the PFS items require a written explanation. Where an item number is circled, it is to be listed on the last page of the application and more detail shared.
  • Be sure to print out a copy of your completed PFS for reference should SSS or Breck’s Financial Aid Office have need to contact you for discussion or clarification.
  • Review your Family Report. Tips to understanding your Family Report are found at