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Carline Safety and Driving

Winter weather driving

The Breck buildings and grounds staff is prepared to handle most weather events throughout the year, particularly in the winter. We recognize, however, that weather conditions may vary based on the location of your home. Therefore, the Breck Transportation Office analyzes conditions across the metro before making a recommendation to close the school.

The safety of our students and families is of utmost importance. Student drivers who may be more vulnerable in winter conditions due to inexperience should exercise particular caution in making the decision to come to school. Parents and students should use their best judgment if road conditions are treacherous. Contact your division office if you or your child will be late or are unable to attend school because of road conditions.

Due to the wide geographic area that we serve and the number of working families in our community, Breck works hard to be conservative on the use of snow days throughout the year. If a closure is required, families will be notified before 6:30 AM by text, email, social media and local news outlets.

Pedestrian safety is important at Breck. Our goal is to keep EVERY Breck community member SAFE.

Please view this short, entertaining video that explains basic traffic safety and traffic flow patterns at Breck.

Carline Safety

  • Keep cell phones out of sight
  • Drivers should remain in cars at all times
  • Students exit vehicles from passenger side only
  • Keep carline moving forward
  • Please watch for bicylists
  • Do not bring your pets onto campus during carline
  • Please turn off your engine, except in temperatures below 20°or above 90°. Fumes from idling cars can pose a significant health issue as well as an environmental one.

Driving On Campus

For the safety of everyone on campus and respect for our neighbors:

  • Do not use your cell phones
  • Observe speed limits
  • Obey traffic wardens
  • Use your signals when turning
  • Know AM and PM traffic flow (see maps 1 and 2 in CAR brochure)
  • Park only in designated areas (map 3 in CAR brochure)
  • Watch carefully for children on the sidewalk and walking in the parking lot