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Peter Clark Center for Mind, Brain, and Education

The Peter Clark Center for Mind, Brain, and Education is dedicated to student success and providing world-class support for faculty, students, and parents. The Center bridges research and practice to transform teaching and learning. Our goal is to enable all students and faculty to thrive, and to partner with parents to enable them to best support their children.

We believe

  • Students thrive when faculty understand learning and learners.
  • Students thrive when parents understand how to support their learning journey. 
  • Faculty thrive when empowered to reflect, assess, and apply current research.
  • Parents thrive when given the tools to support their child's learning journey. 

We will serve our mission by creating a learning culture within Breck School that:

  • Fosters self-knowledge and self-advocacy among students.
  • Enriches and inspires faculty, through informed research and professional development, to cultivate student engagement, understand variability is the norm, and respond to all learning pathways.
  • Engages parents and families, through a deeper understanding of learning and human development, to play the most effective role in their child’s education.

Our Leadership

Daisy Pellant, Ph.D.

Sarah Flotten '85, Ed.M.