Parents Association

When your child enrolls at Breck, your family becomes part of the Breck community too. The Parents Association organizes events for Breck parents, guardians and families to build relationships with one other. We offer community discussions, family service projects, a book club and social events.

We welcome all to participate and connect with the Breck community!

Sara Bennett Pearce
President, 2021-2022

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About the Parents Association

Our Mission 

We exist to connect parents to the school, and connect parents to one another. Our goal is to strengthen and support each parent’s journey through Breck. We endeavor to facilitate the moments that bring parents closer together in order to build a healthy network of supportive, engaged, and confident families.

Our Shared Values 

We believe that as members of the community, we are all responsible for nurturing the education and growth of our children. We therefore strive to create an inclusive, supportive, diverse, and partnering parent community.

Connect When You Can

We recognize that an active parent community takes many shapes and forms. Whether you engage formally and regularly, or informally at key moments, you are welcome here.

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PA General Calendar of Events (with header image)

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