Parents Association

Dear Breck Families,

Welcome to the Breck Parents Association webpage. We hope this page will help you learn about the many events and activities available to you throughout the year and provide opportunities to connect with our community.

The PA exists to connect parents to the school and connect parents to one another. Our goal is to strengthen and support each parent’s journey through Breck. We endeavor to facilitate the moments that bring parents closer together in order to build a healthy network of supportive, and engaged and confident families. Our collective talent, energy, vision, and leadership enable us to contribute to the extraordinary Breck community.

Through our efforts, we help each other stay informed, support the students, faculty and administration, celebrate successes, discuss issues and participate in activities that enrich the community. While we all share the experience of being a Breck parent, each family’s journey is unique. Through your participation and voluntary efforts, the Breck PA hosts or co-hosts over 90 events during the school year that address some of those individual needs. All of this is possible because of parents who care so deeply about our school. Thank you for all you do for Breck!

Warmest regards,

Zoe Cunniff

2019-2020 Parents Association Board

Front row (l-r): Zoe Cunniff, Tonya Hendrickson; second step: LuChin Mischke, Quannah Parker-McGowan, Rob Wheaton, Stacy Glaus; third step: Carol Luo, Dan Maynard Lesley Briese, Mindy Zittel, Jill Prevost; fourth step: Natalie Nicholson, Gargi Bajpai, Megan Rogers ’01, Nicole Dean, Joan Rex; fourth & fifth steps: Sarah Meyer, Shweta Jhanji, Anna Lyon, Kevin Graebel, Julie Drysdale, Anna Burns, Sarah Oltmann, Danielle Preissing.

Not pictured: Anna Anderson, Wayne Hawkins, and Sandra Stone '85.