College Counseling Newsletter

March 2020

With Spring Break approaching and the sprint through May thereafter, we have included a lot of information in this month’s newsletter. After the 2020 AP Exam Information section, you will find information listed by grade level. 


AP instructors have distributed the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 2019-2020, a reference for families and students. AP classes are constructed to emulate a college-level course, and the AP tests are designed to assess student proficiency on the material. AP scores may be used for placement and credit at post-secondary institutions, but each institution sets its own policy. To learn more about AP courses and exams, visit or speak with a college counselor. 

Please keep the bulletin handy as it contains helpful information, including

  • Page 8 has important exam day information
  • Page 9 explains how to ensure all your exam material matches properly
  • Page 13 has a useful checklist.  AP Studio Art students should discuss their portfolio submission timeline with Ms. Affleck, Mr. Robison or Ms. Sagar.


All students currently enlisted in AP courses at Breck are automatically registered for the respective AP exam(s) and their Breck account charged the AP testing fee.


The AP exam dates and times found below are set by the College Board. Please mark your calendars now and reserve these dates and times. All AP exams will be conducted on campus. Students will be expected to be ready to enter the room by their respective time. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the testing room.

Note that AP exams take place during the school day. Therefore, students will need to plan ahead and discuss with the teachers of classes they will miss on how they should proceed with class notes and assignments. If students will miss their exam day, they should notify Ms. Papillon as soon as possible.

Test Date   Morning (8:00 am)           Afternoon (12:00 pm)
 May 4   Physics C: Mechanics / E & M
 May 5  Calculus AB & BC  
May 6  English Literature  European History 
 May 7  Chemistry  
 May 8  US History  Art History
May 11  Biology  
 May 12  Spanish Language  
 May 13  English Lang & Comp  Music Theory
May 14    
May 15  French Language  Statistics

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