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Parents Association

On our Breck parent journey, it takes a village … whether we want to stay informed, support our children and the classroom, celebrate the moments, focus on the issues, or enrich the community of which we are a part. The journey is all or any of the above; and, at the same time, unique to any individual family.

The village is our parent community, in partnership with the school. The village is also the Breck Parents Association.

It is our mission to be the connective tissue that links parents with the school AND parents with each other. Most importantly, it’s fueled by the enormous vision, talent, energy, and leadership of our parent community … you.

Thank you for all you do to make Breck such a vibrant and extraordinary community.

Warmest regards,

Kathy Ganley

2017-18 Parents Association Board

President Kathy Ganley
President-Elect Tonya Hendrickson
Past President Sara Ahluwalia
Communications/Secretary Zoe Cunniff
Treasurer Farrell Danz
Breck Meals That Heal Chair Karen Shaul
Chief Information Officers
Greg Winn
Jonathan McDonagh
Community Building Chair Stacia Driver
Lower School Division Co-Chairs
Tera Muellerleile
Lesley Briese
Middle School Division Co-Chairs
Kelly O'Neill
Anne Hofer
Upper School Division Co-Chairs
Tonya Hendrickson
Elizabeth Wilcox
Family Community Outreach Co-Chairs
Kimberly Bernstein
Nicole Hogan
Multicultural Parent Education Chair Angela Ettawageshik
Parent Education Division Co-Chairs
Erica Dovenberg
Susan Kelly
ReUse, RePlay, ReCycle Co-Chairs
Kara Johansson
Therese Dlugosch
New Family Host Co-Chairs
Sandra Stone
Julie Knudson