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My Breck Story: Changing Schools

“Not even two weeks into her Breck experience, my daughter hopped in the car after school and declared, “I totally belong here! I love Breck!” As a parent, I could not have been happier to hear this, especially since one year prior she hated school. She was not being challenged and figured she could learn more efficiently on Google. She was probably right. At the end of her eighth-grade year, she concluded that her classes were too big and impersonal, and she did not want to spend her high school years feeling like she was just a number. In our hunt for a new school, Breck stood out above the rest. My daughter, husband and I all loved Breck’s culture and felt it would be a great fit. However, I was still concerned how a new, female ninth grader would transition, integrate and be accepted into a group of kids who, in many instances, had been together since kindergarten. But Breck exceeded my expectations. 

Nearly two years later, my daughter loves Breck even more than she did in those early days. She appreciates the incredible opportunities that Breck offers, versus what she had available to her in her other school. I now have a very happy, academically challenged child who is excited to go to school. (Ok, maybe not during finals!) She is inspired by her teachers who are truly passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. They take the time to know and understand her, and take a very keen interest in her individual learning, growth and development. This level of caring has made all the difference. In addition, she is thriving socially in the amazingly inclusive and supportive Breck community. Breck is a very special and unique place. It has changed our lives for the better. This is why we support the Annual Fund.”

— A Grateful Breck Parent