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My Breck Story: Breck's Own Project Runway

“The day of the Fifth-Grade Fashion Show (Desfile de Modas) is full of energy and excitement! The classroom has been converted into a runway, and soon, the students will strut down the red carpet to show off their outfits. These outfits have been creatively pieced together with items from home: wigs, shoes, ties, coats, even feathers. Over the beat of the carefully-selected background music and the audience’s “oohs” and “ahs,” the student emcees will announce in Spanish all the important garment and accessory details.

The days leading up to the Desfile de Modas are much quieter, but just as busy. Classmates have been paired up and are brainstorming and planning out their roles. Just like the outfits, the language – with its singular and plural nouns and its adjectives with gender – must be carefully constructed. The scripts must be drafted and reworked and practiced. The abundant choices motivate the students, as does the opportunity for self-expression.

The Desfile de Modas is one of my favorite activities and I am happy that I brought it from the Concordia Language Village to Breck. I am always impressed by how the students work together and how they allow their personalities to show up so naturally and uniquely. I also see the growth in their language skills, demonstrated by their confidence when they describe the outfits using full, appropriate grammar and sentence structure. The classmates are respectful, they support each other, and they attend every presentation waiting for the next call. This level of engagement allows all the students to practice and sharpen their language skills. 

Todos! Luces! Cámara! ACCIÓN! (Everybody! Lights! Camera! Action!)”

— Oscar Diaz, Middle School Modern Language Instructor