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Lower School Academics

The Lower School curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child, including intellectual, social/emotional, creative, physical and spiritual development. Teachers combine their knowledge with students’ special interests to promote an academically rich and creative environment. Opportunities are available for individual and collaborative learning experiences, and skills are developed in the context of purposeful activities. In Lower School:

  • Teachers engage students in a comprehensive academic program that focuses on the development of knowledge and skills across all disciplines.
  • The concept of developmental readiness is extremely important in teaching and learning. Individual interests and learning styles of children are considered when developing programs and curriculum.
  • Teachers support children as they take increasing responsibility for their learning and acquire intellectual discipline, perseverance and the skills to use and share knowledge.
  • Children learn as they interact with rich classroom learning materials and explore the world around them.
  • Group activities are designed to promote social skill development, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Children practice treating others with empathy and kindness, and are guided to respect themselves, others, and the environment.
  • Critical thinking, creativity, reflection and self-directed inquiry are integral to the learning experience.
  • Teachers and students use technology to enhance learning and interact with the global learning community.
  • Children develop an active social consciousness and a sense of citizenship through community involvement and service learning.
  • Leadership skills are cultivated through a variety of opportunities.

But more than just a strong curriculum, Breck offers unique programs to help students create relationships and become strong leaders who serve the common good. In the video below, see how our senior class students partner with first grade students for life-long friendships and relationships.