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Breck’s three libraries, one for each division, are fully equipped for digital-age learning.

To that end, the aims of the Library Department are as follows:

  • Prepare students to become effective and ethical users of ideas and information.
  • Integrate information literacy skills into the core curriculum areas through cooperative efforts between teachers and media specialists for grades P-12.
  • Instill in each student an appreciation of literature and a love of reading.
  • Provide environments that promote concurrent opportunities in teaching, quiet study, cooperative learning experiences, and enjoyment of literature.
  • Provide a rich and diverse collection of media materials that support a multicultural, gender-fair, ability-sensitive, and college-preparatory curriculum.
  • Support and enhance school-wide curriculum with resources, collaboration, and team teaching.
  • Promote outside liaisons and networks that supplement resources and enhance the curriculum.
  • Deliver a curriculum that is process oriented, developmentally appropriate, differentiated, and supportive of the mission of the school.

To browse the library collection for each division, click on the link for Upper School, Middle School, or Lower School.