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My Breck Story: What Every Child Deserves

"When I started teaching at Breck a few years ago, I lived in a state of awe. All of a sudden I had half as many students and twice as much prep time as I had where I previously taught. With this gift of time, I could reach out to individual students and try to understand the gifts and challenges of each child in my classroom. As I settled into Breck, I was also impressed with the level of personal attention students get from their advisors. Advisors know so much about their students — from the instruments they play, to missing assignments, to whether they’re getting enough sleep. This level of attention is what every child deserves. Teachers encourage students to take risks, make mistakes, and start figuring out who they are — just what Middle School should be about.

If this wasn’t enough to make me love Breck, I now have the joy of being a Breck parent. Every day at lunchtime I take a moment to look out my window and watch my daughter play in the sandbox. Since my daughter started at Breck a year and a half ago, I have seen her change from timid to socially confident, from mildly curious to passionate about learning everything. She is the happiest child I know! Watching this development redoubles my love and commitment to this school. Watching other teachers nurture my child makes me want to pay that forward to my own students. Breck is a wonderful village."

— Laura Burrows, Middle School Math Teacher